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In this article, the scientific analysis of the admission requirements to free universities in Norway and the necessary documents for obtaining a study visa to Norway is carried out. We also try to answer some common questions about studying in Norway, including:

Is it possible to study in Norway for free?

   Is it possible to get residency in Norway by studying at Norwegian universities?


Undergraduate studies in Norway:

Various study programs are offered at Norwegian universities, giving students the opportunity to choose the academic branch of their choice. Studies are available in both English and Norwegian at undergraduate level. The applicant must provide an IELTS certificate with a score of 6 or a Norwegian language certificate with at least level 3. It is also possible to attend Norwegian language courses for a year if the Norwegian language certificate is not available. Bachelor’s programs at Norwegian universities last three years.


An applicant for a bachelor’s degree in Norway can select a number of universities to obtain final admission and must submit their paperwork through each university’s website. If the applicant is admitted to higher education, the application for a student visa must be submitted to the Norwegian embassy.


Master’s degree at Norwegian universities:


International students have the opportunity to study for free at Norwegian universities at master’s level. The majors offered at this stage vary, however, the student is advised to choose a major at Bachelor level that matches their university major in order to have better luck in obtaining admission and the study visa. Most university courses are offered in English, but some courses are offered in Norwegian.


An IELTS certificate with a grade of 5/6 or a TOEFL certificate is required for final admission to the master’s program. If the applicant chooses a branch of study whose courses are offered in Norwegian, he must complete the Norwegian language course for one year before entering the university. The length of study for the master’s degree is one to two years, depending on the branch of higher education.


Doctorate in Norway:


Those wishing to enroll in postgraduate studies can apply for admission to Norwegian universities at doctoral level.


Study programs in this phase are usually presented in English; Norwegian universities offer many fields of study at doctoral level, which allows international students to choose the field of study they want. Final acceptance at this stage requires the approval of a supervisor through correspondence with university professors in Norway.


Admission to this phase is highly dependent on the submission of a strong CV that includes research experience and approved published articles. Admission to doctoral studies in Norwegian universities requires an IELTS score of 7.


Duration of study in this section is 3 to 5 years, study in this section is free; In fact, the student has the opportunity to earn between 400 and 500,000 kroner by conducting research projects with their teacher.


Required documents to get a study visa for Norway:


A student visa is required for student immigration to Norway. The applicant must first obtain admission at a Norwegian university and then submit the student visa application to the Norwegian embassy and attach the required documents. The following documents are required to obtain a student visa for Norway:


Letter of acceptance at a Norwegian university:


  • Passport and civil register
  • Four personal photos
  • Certificate of Financial Capacity
  • Transfer EUR 10,000 to the university bank account. This amount represents the applicant’s living expenses, which remain with the university as a deposit. The applicant can get the money back and deposit it into their account after they come to Norway and open the account.
  • Submit the approved insurance document
  • Submit a letter of motivation for studying in Norway


Is studying in Norway free?


Opportunities to study at free universities in Norway are available in both English and Norwegian.


Is it possible to study in Norway without a language certificate?


It is better to have a languageproof to avoid bad luck in obtaining a study visa.


Is it possible to get scholarships for Norwegian universities?

Scholarships are awarded at doctoral level and require the submission of a strong CV showing a high level of language proficiency, articles published in international peer-reviewed journals, excellent academic grades and….


Is it possible to work in Norway after graduation?


After graduation, you will be given the opportunity to look for work in Norway. You can convert residency to work residency if you find a suitable job.

At the end of the article, I wish everyone success in the important academic stage through which you will achieve the academic degree you dream of

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