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Studying in Armenia and the requirements for obtaining residency in this country are analyzed. Is this country a viable option for student immigration? What conditions and documents are required to study in Armenia? Armenia has attracted the attention of a number of Iranian citizens due to the geographical proximity between the two countries and the reasonable cost of living and studying. Many are looking forward to choosing a suitable method of academic immigration to this country.In this article, we will provide you with useful information about studying in Armenia.


Studies in Armenian schools:


It is possible to study in Armenia at different levels of study. Since knowledge of the educational system of this country provides an adequate vision in this area, let’s get acquainted with the educational system of Armenia using the table below:


Education is an important priority in Armenia; Where this matter begins as early as pre-school age and is about physical, moral and spiritual development; The family also plays a role in achieving these goals by assuming some responsibilities outside of school. Then follows the elementary level, which expands on the basic information for children in the areas of society, technology and the environment.


Undergraduate Studies in Armenia:


It is possible to study in Armenia by getting a higher education admission letter for a bachelor’s degree. Armenian universities are divided into public and private sectors, and a large number of foreign students study there every year. Anyone wishing to study in Armenia must present a diploma with a list of grades. Armenia is not strict in terms of free years, as students of different ages can study in this country.


Course materials are provided in Armenian, Russian and English; And of course, most students from other countries want to study in English; To study in English, knowledge of this language and the presentation of an IELTS certificate with at least 6 points are required. There are some universities that offer English-language studies without proof of language proficiency.


Master’s degree in Armenia:

The master’s degree is perhaps the most popular for those who want to continue their studies in other countries. This phase lasts two years in Armenia and requires passing the bachelor’s degree and submitting a certificate.

Master’s degree in Armenia is offered in public and private universities. Those studying in public universities need the Armenian language; However, students studying in this country choose to study in English at private universities that require an IELTS certificate with a minimum score of 6.5. Universities with minimum equipment also offer studies without proof of language proficiency.


There are some advantages of doing a PhD in Armenia. Anyone who decides to do a doctorate in this country needs a proper scientific biography and the support of the supervising professor for the research project. Doctoral students in English also need an IELTS score of 7.


Study in Armenia with a scholarship:


Scholarship in Armenia is awarded to students with strong academic background, excellent grade in previous phase and ISI articles. The scholarship is offered in two forms; Scholarships for some universities cover the cost of living and study, but some scholarships that are offered only cover the cost of study. Those who wish to get scholarships must meet the necessary requirements such as language skills and a decent academic record to attempt study in Armenia at the lowest cost.


Required documents to obtain a study visa for Armenia:


  • A valid passport
  • A series of personal photos
  • Translation of the last academic certificate with a list of grades
  • Admission letter from the university
  • Health insurance
  • Identity documents (e.g. civil status register or civil status card)
  • language proficiency certificate
  • Academic Biography
  • Certificate of financial ability to pay for living and studying in Armenia


Residence requirements and obtaining citizenship after completing your studies in Armenia:


Studying in Armenia leads to the granting of a temporary residence permit, which can be extended until the end of the study period. However, simply studying in Armenia does not ensure obtaining an Armenian residence permit. And if a person finds a job after completing their studies and has an employment contract with the employerIf she graduates, she can obtain permanent residency with a three-year professional residency permit, provided she speaks the Armenian language. Studying in Armenia alone does not lead to the acquisition of residence and citizenship.


At the end of the article, I clarified everything related to the study and provided you with all the important information that gives you full knowledge of the required papers and all the details of the study.

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