Study in America, learn more about papers, costs and application


Study in America.. The United States of America is one of the most attractive countries for international students in the world, thanks to the world-renowned universities that offer top-level degree programs and fully and partially funded scholarships in various majors.

Study in America

Studying in the USA offers the perfect blend of quality education and cultural experience combined with the experience of living in its famous cities, seeing its epic landscapes, studying at its prestigious universities and enjoying an exciting university climate.

Study a bachelor’s degree in America and the most famous academic disciplines

In America, various undergraduate level majors are taught in American universities and because of this, many students are admitted to the universities of this country every year. Some of the academic majors required by applicants are as follows:

  • Agriculture
  • Garden
  • Applied and Pure Sciences
  • General Engineering
  • the design
  • Building and urbanization
  • corporate governance
  • veterinary medicine
  • computer science
  • educational sciences
  • Performing Arts
  • mechanical engineering
  • right
  • tourism
  • medicine

A bachelor’s degree in America and the necessary financial resources

Students should consider the cost of living in America, which will range from 1000 to 1600 (US Dollars) per month in 2021, and due to the low inflation rate, prices in America will not increase significantly over time.

The types of study visas in America are as follows:

The F1 visa is issued to individuals who enter the United States to attend university and are granted an F2 visa.

There is another M1 visa that allows people who intend to enter the country via professional technical disciplines.

A J1 visa is also issued to individuals entering the United States with the opportunity to study.

Documents required to obtain a study visa in America

All estimates from start to finish of the previous section

The language certificate depends on the type of course.

Letters of recommendation and motivation for doctoral students and PhD students

Copies of all pages of the passport

Strong CV, Supervisor and ISI Essays for Ph.D

Frequently asked questions about studying in America

There is a lot of information that students who decide to travel and study in America should know as follows:

How many types of schools are there in America

There are two types of schools in America, the first type: public schools or (government schools) The cost of these schools is low

The second type: private schools, the cost of these schools is high, typically ranging from $12,000 to $15,000 per year.

Can a student stay in America after graduation

After the student graduates within 5 days and if he cannot find a suitable job for him, he must return to his home country, but if he can get a job, he can change his visa from a student visa to a work visa and he can move to stay america

What is the F1 visa

The F1 visa is issued to individuals who enter the United States to attend university and are granted an F2 visa.

Can a student work while studying

The student is allowed to work in America during their studies, but the working hours differ depending on the course: For example, the student may work 10 hours a week in the bachelor’s degree, but the working hours are different in the master’s and doctorate.

What is the required language to study in America

The required study language is the English language, so in order for the student to study in America or get a job, he/she must be proficient in the English language.

7 reasons to study in America

World-class academic institutions

The United States of America is proud of its 4,000 universities, 16 of which are in the top 20 in the world.

Academic Flexibility

The higher education system in America offers students flexible options according to their needs and interests: For example, undergraduate students can choose several majors at the university before deciding on a particular major after the sophomore year, giving them enough time to explore their interests and interests exploring tendencies.

Job opportunities while studying in America

American universities offer international doctoral research and training opportunities where the student can work under the supervision of their teacher as an assistant professor or research assistant, which is in addition to the expandering their knowledge to help cover these students’ tuition costs and skills.

Use technology and study in America

The United States prides itself on its technological development and has ensured that all sectors of the education sector are equipped with the latest technologies, making university life easier for students and increasing their access to information.

American Culture and College Life

American society is a living example of freedom, fun, and the pursuit of opportunity. If you decide to study at an American university, you will feel excitement and freedom within you and the moment you step onto US soil step inside, you will absorb American culture in all its shades and colors.

Supervision of international students

International students usually have difficulties adjusting to the new life abroad, but the various American universities ensure that these students have an easy time as most of them welcome new international students in terms of visa procedures, residency and accommodation in any form advise and support.

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