What is a landing page and its importance

Unlike other website pages such as articles in which you find us sharing many external links or other related pages, and you may also find people stuffing them with advertising banners.

the landing page is important to be free of all these additions, as it is considered as a distraction that would make the customer lose his focus .

Although it is relatively possible to rely on articles to gain some reader information such as his e-mail, phone number or other data.

Also, you will notice that the home page of the site contains the best of what your site contains in terms of distinguished articles, advertisements, your special services, your accounts on social media, promotional offers that you market and everything that distinguishes the site or benefits it.

The home page of the site
The home page is the portal of the website, try to highlight the most important thing in it.
While the landing page is built in a sequential and deliberate manner, so that each stage paves the way for the next, reaching the critical juncture – usually at the end of the page – and there we present our offer in the form of a Call To Action button, which is also specially selected.

And if the customer has already reached this stage, your landing page can be considered convincing, regardless of whether the percentage of conversions is low, as it is adjustable and re-optimized to perform better, and this can only be discovered by trying many pages.

The secret behind designing a high converting landing page
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It is not necessary to be a high-level programmer in order to create a professional landing page, this was in the past, but now website building platforms allow us all this in the simplest ways and you will love the drag-and-drop technology that you work with.

And the beautiful thing is that you will find an unlimited number of ready-made designs, simple modifications to the texts with the addition of your logos, and here you have got a design at the pinnacle of professionalism. Platforms like WordPress and Wix or relying on Elementor or Divi will all give you a professional user experience.

Drag and drop control of blocks is one of the features Gutenberg Editor has mastered so you can practice creating unlimited landing pages. However, I recommend Elementor if you want to build something professional.

Due to their great importance in marketing, we have recently seen platforms that specialize in building Landing Pages, and it can be said that they have outperformed the aforementioned platforms in this aspect, among the most famous of which we mention Builderall and Kartra.

Analyzing advertising campaign data with the aim of refining the advertising campaign.
Data analysis is one of the skills that you must master as an online marketer.
In addition to designing a landing page, which is the simplest thing to do,

its specialty is much deeper, as it is equipped with all the tools that any marketer could need in studying his audience and following up on the performance of this particular page,

what is the conversion rate on it? How was the user experience with the design we adopted! Any particular part that most of our visitors stop at and leave the page for you to improve.. Here I am talking about analyzing your visitors’ data, the feature that you must master well if you want to develop your store’s sales.

But this is not enough, although the platforms for building landing pages have raised the level a lot, but you need to do many experiments on more than one landing page, sometimes simple modifications will make the difference, such as changing the color of the buttons, modifying the titles and other things that enter It’s called A-B Testing, the test that will allow you to improve your conversion rate without having to spend a bigger budget.

In some cases, you may find landing pages with a very simple design that are far superior to professionally designed pages. This is a normal thing in the world of marketing, and the more you try, the more you will understand the meaning of this speech, as the issue is not related to tastes, but it is related to working according to market requirements.

The importance of landing pages
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The most important benefit that you will gain if you rely on the landing page as a main tool in your marketing plan is to increase the conversion rate. Yes, this type of page is designed to serve a specific purpose targeting a specific audience in a well-thought-out marketing campaign.

So everything is planned in advance, so it is logical that you will see better results compared to those who do not depend on it.

The most powerful way to convert leaving daily visits on your site, which in the end will take the information without achieving any benefit from it, so that the landing page comes by persuading him to share his email with us, and so that regular visitor will become a potential customer with whom we communicate constantly.

The landing page is reliable in more than one way to profit from the Internet, you can promote an affiliate product that pays a high commission, you build your own mailing list and grow it little by little to promote your audience later on your special offers, and this is considered the best way to profit from landing pages.

If you are a person with experience in accounting, accelerating electronic stores, or dealing with Excel professionally, you can convert your experience in the form of a short brochure or a mini-course, and in this case perhaps the Landing Page will be the best way to promote it.

It is important to know that there are many types of landing pages, they differ in terms of structure as well as the type of components included. Whoever wants to collect accurate information about his customers will use a different page than his goal of promoting an affiliate product, and each template is used according to a specific purpose.

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