The best profit from the Internet Here are 5 effective ways

Is there really a profit from the Internet?
In short, yes, there is profit from the Internet, and every day there are new ideas and methods in this field.

Even international companies focus more on the Internet, and you cannot think of a company like (Apple) that does not have an online store, but rather the largest company specialized in providing means of transportation (Uber) through an application that shattered all expectations and exceeded companies with long experience in this the field. And in order to reinforce our idea well, here is the lesson about (Nokia),

the most famous company of its time, and because it did not keep pace with the development taking place, its empire collapsed in a short period.

How to make income from the internet
According to a personal perspective, I see that achieving wealth has become much easier than before, and what I mean here is easier in terms of learning and not in terms of earning dollars. We are in an era where information has become available to everyone and for free more than before, where you can master any field you want.

From your smartphone, with which you are browsing our article now. But in order to reach the stage of achieving that amount that you are thinking about, this requires you to have many years of learning accompanied by many failed experiences and in the end it will translate into profits, meaning all those disappointments that you will face,

or they will overcome you to end your experience in freelancing from the Internet that has not started yet , or take them as lessons to learn from and develop yourself day by day.

This is the reality, my dear. All those articles that you read previously about successful people’s experiences. Be sure that behind the scenes there are many stages of failure. Therefore, you must be psychologically qualified that you will inevitably face some obstacles and difficulties, not only in the field of profit from the Internet, but rather this affects any field that you want to break into and experience in it.

The best ways to make money from the Internet
In the following, I will share with you more than one effective way to make a net profit from the Internet. But in order to be able to break into any of the following areas and impose your name in it, you must first have a skill in one of them, or at least develop yourself in it first until you have a list of real customers that multiplies day by day.

1 Offer your services on freelancing sites
The easiest way to start in the world of freelancing is from the Internet, where basically you have to donate something that you offer there as a fee-for-money service. Let’s say, for example, that you have a hobby in landscape photography, you will find many sites where you can share your best photos, and whoever needs them will pay a price in exchange for obtaining the rights to reuse them on his site or in his videos, and so on, among the most famous sites specialized in that, Shutterstock has more than 200 million photos, Adobe Stock and Alamy are all great sites where you can display your photo there once and you will receive unlimited sales if it performs.

shutterstock photo site
You can also offer your professional logo design services, or you may have a good taste in decorations and how to choose the right colors. You can offer your service as a paid consultation, or you can summarize it in a small electronic brochure that you re-offer for sale (we have covered this step in detail below). And let’s assume that you have a distinctive voice, why not use it to create your own podcast program or even a content reader on your YouTube channel, or contract with one of the famous channels, and how many of them do that.

One of the best websites in this field is an independent site. What is beautiful about it is that it is an entirely Arabic site where it allows you to browse the job offers offered there, where many people search for professionals to do services for a fee, or you can offer your service there and what you excel in in a distinctive way, and who is Interested in what you offer will contact you directly. The beauty of this site is that the prices on it are not only a few dollars, but you will receive a high price in return for providing something professional that gives added value to the customer.

Independent site
2 Profit from writing content
This point can also be included in the previous step (providing services), but I liked to delve into it somewhat, because writing is a big sea and it would be unfair if we mentioned it in a few words. The most important skill that I personally advise you to acquire and develop yourself in, because this field is impossible to disappear, everything is based on it, so there is no meaning of marketing without content. Basically, in the world of sales, even if you rely on the best advertising channels and your marketing content is bad, this means not good results.

Earn from writing
There are many ways you can earn if you want to sell your content writing service. You can start as a freelancer and offer your service on one of the freelance platforms, such as the famous Fiverr website in the Arab world, or its counterpart, Fiverr, whose fame extends at the global level, like UpWork. You can use the two previous sites to work as a translator if you are proficient in foreign languages, which will make it easier for you to attract clients quickly.

Fiverr site
But most importantly, the more you write, the better your style and the more areas you discover, which means cumulative experience. Thus, if you want to sell your service, in the future it will become valuable and its price will rise, or you want to invest it in your own project, perhaps building a professional website will make it easier for you to create professional content that is popular with search engines, in other words, whenever you provide additional value to the reader, Google will make A site that tops the first results, which means free visits that can be used to achieve high profits.

When I say writing, this includes writing articles of all kinds, whether short or long. You can also contract with a YouTube content maker, for example, and the script will be on you, and here is a service that you will sell exponentially. Or maybe you’re writing an e-book. But in some cases, writing only one line can reap a respectable return, and this is what we will discuss in the next point.

3 Work as a copywriterI am almost certain that it has attracted your attention, even once, by a distinctive advertisement or even a promotional phrase that is still entrenched in your mind until the moment, that strong expression and those smart phrases chosen with pain, in fact,

are classified within what is known as copywriting, one of the most important areas from which you will make a profit real from the net. Rather, you will find that making this profession a specialization for him achieves millions of dollars behind it. Until this moment, this field is in constant demand, as companies already know the impact of the marketing message on their sales, so you find them investing a large share of their capital in this field.

Earn money by phoneThe beauty in this field is that you do not need much to get started, perhaps your smartphone will be sufficient for all this, but to reach the stage of professionalism you must be creative in choosing words, this of course does not come overnight, as you must first be familiar with all the basics of this field

eloquent In the language in which you will work and of course your mind must be saturated with many examples from which you can be inspired by your ideas.4 Editing an e-bookOne of the most popular ways to make thousands of dollars easily. All you need is to share your expertise or the thing you are good at in the form of an e-book. And when I tell you a book, it is not a requirement that it contain 300 pages or more.

No, there are books of 50 pages or maybe less that you find that have made hundreds of dollars and there are much more than that. What matters is the value of the information more than beautiful, carefully worded words.Profit from selling e-booksI will give an example in order to clarify the picture more: You may have experience in learning the English language, of course you went through certain stages until you mastered speaking this language and it was effective for you.

So you will find someone who needs to shorten the time for himself and follow clear and easy steps so that he, too, can master this language.Here you can summarize your experience in the form of a small e-book explaining how to do it.

This may take you a week or even a month to write it, as it is a simple process that will not take you long. And then you display it on the platforms dedicated to that, such as the famous Amazon Kindle (there are many sites that provide the same service).

You can set a symbolic price for it, perhaps $15. If you achieve 100 sales, you will achieve $1,500 through it, and the more you market it, the more sales will increase, which means a higher level of profits.The same thing can be applied with your experience in the car cleaning process, or in the form of tips for baccalaureate students on how to optimally review their lessons and other ideas that you personally excel at.5 Create an educational course for greater profitsThis step is somewhat similar to the previous method,

where the important thing is to create useful content that provides added value to those who buy it. But in terms of presentation, it differs, as it is an advanced level for simply writing content and presenting it in a beautiful way in the form of an e-book. But it is considered more profitable if it is exploited optimally. Where it requires a kind of recitation,

the attractive method of presentation, with the use of professional tools for explanation, such as relying on a high-quality microphone, and other montage tools. The most important thing is in the way you present the information and how you market yourself. Many of us have the skill of speaking and persuasion. I strongly advise you to invest it in presenting what you donate and it will return to you with profits.

Profit from training coursesThe beautiful thing about this type of business is that you will get tired once in creating the course by writing the script, organizing it, and presenting it in the ideal way, and once you present it, you will not need to repeat the process with each customer. In the past, a person would share his experience with a group of 10 people, for example, and train them for hours, and then repeat the process with a new group, which would be exhausting.

But by creating a course and displaying it on one of the platforms designated for that, your sole concern will be marketing it and all information will be ready.You can try sharing your talent through one of the popular podcast platforms such as Google Podcast or Apple Podcast. If you see yourself capable of creativity in this field, why not be a guest or introduce yourself to many podcast hosts to make publicity for yourself,

and with time the number of subscribers in your account will increase little by little, subscribers of this type are classified as high-quality because they are interested in the content you provide,

so The first opportunity you have to publish your course, the percentage of conversions to buy your content will be high.

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