Profit from the field of saving data

It is simply to convert everything that is tangible – such as contracts, checks, invoices, employee data, and so on – into something digital inside the computer, in other words, the digitization of the administrative sector.

This is done either by writing, or by scanning a specific type of file and so on.The stage that we are witnessing today is considered the link that connects the past and the present with the future, as all companies around the world were and still rely on paper to save their data in the form of archives, and due to the huge revolution that we are experiencing,

where dealing with computers and smart devices has become a necessity, which prompted companies to transform everything that is Paper to something digital.This field is very important, as we all know that the paper archive is subject to damage and loss, without forgetting the large space it requires. Since we are living through this transition, of course we must be part of it and take advantage of it to achieve respectable profits.In order to provide a highly professional job with minimal effort here,

you must work smartly, especially when it comes to some tasks that are repetitive. For example, instead of creating a file from scratch every time, you can rely on ready-made templates to do so, especially Excel templates that are available in abundance. And creative designs.

Profit sites from data entryWebsite design that meets SEO requirementsOptimizing your site for search engines should be one of your priorities.In order not to delude you that you will immediately start fulfilling orders, let me tell you that you are not the only one who thought in this field, there are those who preceded you and they are already profiting from this simple process.

But if we look from the bright side, we will find that the market is still not saturated yet. Despite the simplicity of the idea, practicing it is something that will take you time and effort to provide your customer with a very professional service. Therefore, despite the large number of competitors, they cannot cover all the needs of the market.Below,

I will share with you the most popular sites through which you can start practicing your new profession, “professional data entry”.01 – Fiver.comPfeiffer freelance websiteFiverr allows us to profit by doing some of the tasks that entrepreneurs need, such as design, writing, translation,

etcIf you are new to this field! This site is the best place to start from, although there are many sites that are distinguished from it – we will discuss them below – but the competition in them and the conditions that you require are not as easy as we find on Fiverr.As usual,

register a new account directly, and then fill your personal account with accurate and simple information about your skills and what you master in dealing with programs such as Office programs,

Adobe and others. Then proceed to present your services there as a master at his job when it comes to data entry – you should be.But before you offer your services, it would be a smart reaction on your part

if you take a look at the work of the people who are already professionals in this profession (Fiver Data Entry), what they focus on exactly and what keywords they target etc.. A light study will give you a lot of information about your competition.There is also a Fiverr site, which is the Arabic version of the Fiverr website, on which you can also offer your services, and the opportunity

to deal with Arabic data will be greater since it is a site that targets Arabs entirely.As a beginner, we recommend that you display your services on the Pfeiffer website first. Here you will get your first sales, even if they are at a modest price. The important thing is that you develop your skills and get positive evaluations, and then you will be qualified for the next stage,

which is registering on more professional sites, which we will discuss below.02 – Freelance work sitesFree job sites to work from home.Self-employment sites are your chance to benefit from your skills in return.

Let’s assume that you got some customers in the previous site and they were very happy to serve you to them. Here you have become an experienced person in this field, and perhaps it is the right time to pass to the next step.Freelance work sites are the right place for you while you are at this stage,

as they work with the same idea as the previous site, but here you will need to make a double effort, the effort that you will do in marketing for yourself while presenting your experiences and opinions of everyone who has previously dealt with you. Of course, the price here will rise, as these sites are frequented by those looking for a professional job, not just an amateur job.Among the most famous of these sites, we recommend UpWork as well as

Freelancer, and their counterpart on the Arab side is Mostaql. Of course, here I do not need to recommend you to create a professional personal page in which you display your previous work and so on.Search for data entry companiesAn

independent site provides a category dedicated to everyone who is looking for data entry jobs from home.The wonderful thing about these

professional freelance sites is that you will find many offers whose owners need a professional data entry, you and all those who work in this service will provide your price based on the type of work, how long it will take and what tools it needs. And remember,

the one with the lowest price is not the one who will outperform the majority, as the customer will check your profiles one by one, and depending on the experience of each one, he will decide with whom he will go, so do not try to break the market at a low price,

but make the competition honest between you.03 – Click Worker websiteClickworkers site to profit from data entry.Click Workers has become focused on artificial intelligence (AI) by relying on data entry employees around the world.Now we will play at the advanced level, unlike the sites that we touched on previously, which consider the data entry service and text processing as a small part of the dozens of services it offers.

This site is specialized only in data entry – of all kinds – of course there are other sites that specialize in the same service, but most of them do not accept People outside the United States or Canada.This data entry site has more than 3 million users around the world – they are called Click Workers on this site – their goal is to provide a professional service to everyone who wants to digitize their files in a fast and professional way. Between 45 languages and over 70 target markets, you are sure to find something for yourself

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