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Of course, here I am not going to remind you of how professional your handcraft should be. Without a doubt, you will need to make many designs in order to become proficient in this aspect.

But first, you have to know well what a landing page means with an understanding of all its basics, and then delve into the various types of landing pages, and then you have to learn from the experience of others in order to avoid the most famous landing page mistakes that will cost you a lot if you fall into them.

Of course, with reading many other sources here, it can be said that you are on the right path to mastering this field, and indeed you have become eligible to make profits from these pages, which we will present to you in more than one way below.

01 – Sell your ready-made designs
Profit from selling ready-made templates.
Creating designs and selling them as templates is called passive income.
The beginning will be with the easiest way to make profits, and the beautiful thing is that those profits will continue.

The whole idea is based on creating ready-made professional designs in the form of templates and re-uploading them on the most famous design sites such as Canva, in addition to other freelance platforms such as Fiverr, Fiverr, and others.

Accuracy in design, careful selection of colors, font type, integrated sequence of page parts and their compatibility with various smart devices..all are important factors that you must first know and digest well,

because here you will deal with professional marketers, at first sight they will distinguish whether this is Will the template have a high conversion rate or just a bad copy like so many templates have gone through.

If you are a beginner, I see that the previous sites are the best place to start practicing displaying your creative designs.

You will find many of those who preceded you by presenting their distinguished models, which are already in demand. I advise you to browse quite a few of them in order to get an idea about the popular designs that are in demand.

Then you can move on to the next step, which is to go with one of the ways to profit from the following landing pages on our list.

02 – Build a mailing list that will generate continuous income for you
Earn money from email marketing.
Building a mailing list is one of the most powerful assets to invest in online.

the purpose of relying on landing pages is to rely on them as an effective means of attracting the interest of the visitor and then obtaining his e-mail so that we can communicate with him directly and promote him from time to time with our best quality and profitable offers.

This is what we always encourage to do, instead of taking advantage of your customer once, why not communicate with him directly and at every opportunity you promote him an offer that suits him.

The email marketing strategy is considered by a large part of marketers to be the best in terms of conversion rate (CTR).

It is good if you build your mailing list according to the field that you master so that you know very well how to deliver the message to your subscribers, and be sure to take care of it and enlarge it at every opportunity given to you.

03 – Promoting what you are particularly good at
Sell what you master on freelancing sites.
Specializing in one thing and going deeper into it will make you an expert in it.

Since you have reached this point, let me tell you that you are an expert person.

Yes, you are an expert in what no one else possesses. That expertise you can turn into a small booklet in which you share your experience in that field, or perhaps a recorded course or you share your specialization as an hour-long consultation from time.

Whatever field you master, even if it is simple in your view, make sure that someone is looking for an experienced person to show him how to do it or show him a direct solution to an intractable problem.

Perhaps you are an accountant who has mastered your work, what if you do a simplified course in how to manage daily expenses, that accountant will also need your experience in how to deal with the Excel program, and perhaps the latter has a problem in installing one of the programs on his windows to solve it for him in a consultation in a few minutes. And it remains in the form of a continuous circle, each person complements the other.

But wait, everything that I touched on previously without marketing does not mean anything. Who will know about this distinguished book of yours and you are the only one who sees it, so you have to invest in marketing and how to target the appropriate audience for your field. Believe me, it is very simple, especially since it has become more available to you. From a marketing channel on social media, in search engines, to influencers and even podcast platforms.

And products like this Did you know that Landing Page is the best strategy you can take with it, as it is the right place to show what you excel at in detail and more convincingly.

It is better if the commission for the right to promote is somewhat high, as a few dollars are not worth putting all this effort into, as what you will spend only on hosting your mailing list may cost you much more than this meager commission without calculating the cost of ads, analysis tools, and so on.

And as a good option for beginners, you can earn from Canva a $36 commission for each new subscriber. It will be your best start, especially since this tool is growing in popularity.

04 – Affiliate Marketing
make money with affiliate marketing
The easiest field for any beginner to start in is to profit from affiliate marketing, such as shopping for tourist offers such as affiliate airline tickets, or marketing Amazon products, etc.. Rather, you will find even professionals who have been practicing this field for years on end due to the large amount of profit in it, which does not require any effort from you. Producing a service or product, here everything is ready and you will find someone who has tried to promote that product in the market and is already successful.

The affiliate field has a very large profit rate, and in order not to shock you with commissions that you may find exaggerated, let me tell you that you can earn a $200 commission through a single sale, and this varies from one product to another, you will find someone who puts a commission of $50 and there are 10

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