Buy Bitcoin In Saudi Arabia Top 8 Websites To Buy On A Visa


Buy Bitcoin in Saudi Arabia This is an in-depth article that will introduce you to the most famous websites through which you can buy Bitcoin or other digital currencies. By buying Bitcoin, you can top up your account on a trading platform and thus buy the rest of the currencies. Bitcoin is the key to this market. It is true that some sites directly offer the purchase of Ethereum and Ripple and other currencies and you can find them below. Use the quick navigation options to bypass the introduction. They will go to what you clicked without leaving the page.

Top 4 Sites to Buy Bitcoin

This list is the best bitcoin buying site in Saudi Arabia that allows you to buy bitcoin via Visa or MasterCard visa with no middlemen but calculate the commission.

1. The site what makes it stand out is the commission for depositing with a visa less than other sites. You can also sell Bitcoin on this site and then withdraw it using your bank’s visa. It also has the advantage that deposits and withdrawals are possible in large amounts. At 32 dollars per Bitcoin, the purchase price is higher than the market. According to the latest update, it is the most important purchase option on trading site number 1. Now you can register with it and then activate your account through the verification page and activate the account with passport or identity and proof of residence like a bank statement and also it you need to photograph the visa card next to your face to verify the rest of the easy procedures.

2. Binance platform. You can register on the platform and then deposit using the visa. If the visa is not accepted, you can buy through the p2p service. That means you specify the amount you want to buy as digital dollars, then open a page with the seller who is in your country and transfer the exact amount and after the seller decrypts the lot for you and transfers it from the P2P wallet to the spot wallet for trading.

3. The Bahraini Rain Platform You can register on the Rain Platform and then activate your account. You can deposit by bank transfer and it may take some time to reach your account, or by Visa or Mada.

4. The website is one of the most popular ways to buy through local brokers if you want to buy quickly. This website is suitable because the website is considered safe for money .. You can browse the website, select Saudi Arabia , see the prices of the brokers and buy bitcoin here through local banks without a visa by going to Al-Rajhi Al-Ahly Development, etc. See the explanation, click the explanation to buy bitcoin from the localbitcoins- Site Note that the site’s prices have gotten very expensive lately and are much higher than the price of the Cex site, maybe the site has the highest price on the list.

5. Buying Bitcoin through PayPal and Visa also through the website, where you will be offered many options including buying Bitcoin through a Visa card and through electronic banks, you can also transfer Bitcoin to PayPal and your bank account and I used it personally. The site fees will be shown to you during the request as the site will ask you to confirm your identity, you can send your identity and passport and the transaction limits will be increased .. If activation is delayed or anything, talk to them via chat

6., through which you can shop with a Visa card. There is an Arabic language on the website and registration is easy. Convert the language to Arabic, register and buy bitcoin using a Visa card. Activation of the first level is quick and allows you to buy up to $ 5000

7. is one of the oldest and famous websites that supports the Arabic language through the website. Convert the language to Arabic, then buy currency using a credit card. Then choose the amount and then enter your wallet address, whether Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple and the rest of the details are simple, especially registration and activation.

8 You transfer a euro deposited into your account to Bitcoin, but a commission is also collected on the deposit.The daily deposit limit is 470 euros + you must activate the account by taking a photo of the passport and also a selfie with a photo of the passport or Driving license + activation takes two days with a lot + it gives you a virtual and real Visum, and I think it is not available in Saudi Arabia and Arab countries, but through you you can buy Bitcoin and then transfer the currency to a wallet or trading platform, whatever your purpose of purchase is. It is not preferable to keep the currency on the site. It’s easy for registration. Open the website and enter your email address and password in the form that appears for you. To purchase through Visa, click Deposit, then Deposit EUR or other currency, then enter the amount in dollars, then select Visa rather than Visa Debit. After you have completed the deposit, go to the exchange page and transfer your deposit to Bitcoin. If you run into any problems, click the chat icon and ask about the problem

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