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A question that springs to mind for many, what is the BNB Coin Project? So at the beginning we should know the digital currencies. before we answer that question. Digital currencies are electronic virtual currencies that were created to be an alternative to cash in the future. It has become widespread recently. For every cryptocurrency there is a support platform and an institution for it. What is BNB Coin Project is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms. So she started Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange founded by Changpeng Zhao. The company was originally based in China, but moved to the Cayman Islands. His new invention, the Binance Coin, or as it’s called bnb, was first introduced in 2017. As standard (ERC-20) on the Ethereu blockchain. This standard was seen as a target for investors because it enabled platform investors to pay lower fees when using the premium standard for transactions. By 2020, the Binance platform decided to convert the Binance coin into the smart Binance. The importance of the BNB coin The importance of the BNB coin lies in the fact that it is the offshoot of the largest cryptocurrency exchange of all time, the Binance platform. Hence, the Binance platform is the main supporter of this coin. And one of the forms of support offered is that all exchanges and purchases made on it receive a 25% discount on the value of the commission collected by the platform. Besides the advantage of increasing the level of investor who is engaged in it. The more BNB you have, the better the features, the bigger the discount and the commission you pay can reach 0% if you are a VIP investor). burning bnb. Coin

Burning digital currencies in general is a positive thing for the currency as it increases its value. According to the principle of increasing demand and supply, of course. As for the BNB currency, the combustion process differs in that it is largely complete compared to the other digital currencies. Therefore, the Binance platform repeats the burning process of the BNB coin four times a year, i.e. one burning process every three months on average. Thus, the price of BNB increases with every incineration. So far, the Binance platform has $ 17 billion, and the value of each NBB is expected to reach around $ 3,000. Uses of BNB Just like other high-end digital currencies, Binance has many uses beyond the Binance platform, such as: Trading: Binance can trade other cryptocurrencies on various exchanges, depending on the restrictions that the exchange imposes. Transaction Fees on Binance: The bnb can be used to pay for transactions on Binance and users get a discount for this. Credit Card Payments: BNB can be the payment method for crypto credit card bills on com.

Booking travel arrangements:

 How BNB can be used to book hotels and flights on selected websites.

 So there are apps that users can use to split bills and pay friends and family through Binance.

how do i get bnb

 The best place to buy BNB is on the Binance platform it supports. Follow these steps: Get a Binance Coin Wallet, select your BNB address. Register an account on the Binance platform. Buy BNB with other digital currencies in your balance or pay with a credit card. Features of the bnb The Binance platform and its new currency bnb are a destination for every new investor. This is due to the many advantages it offers, namely: Speed   of processing transactions: when you trade with BNB you can access the fastest servers on the platform and thus do a large number of tasks per second, around a million requests per second Second. Security and Reliability: The Binance platform enjoys putting investors’ trust, so profit is guaranteed in some way. With the Binance platform being the biggest supporter of the digital currency bnb, its price rose from $ 0.096 to $ 690 in a record time. Savings offers: The Binance platform offers its investors who trade in the new currency bnb, significantly che discounts on the value of transactions. Thus, the investor can save around half of the commission when trading in BNB. Exchange into New Currencies: You can exchange BNB currencies for other new currencies with the great facilities of the Binance platform. Finally after getting familiar with the bnb currency project. We can say that every new day a new digital currency is coming. This shows the importance of these currencies and a good sign that the future is here for them. Coins and banknotes will gradually disappear from the world economic market.

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